Vibra Hospital of Denver Earns Wound Care Certification from The Joint Commission

Certification Reflects Hospital’s Dedication to Advancing Care for Patients with Wound Healing Needs

Thornton, Colo., March 21, 2024 – Vibra Hospital of Denver proudly announces it has received The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Disease-Specific Wound Care Certification. The certification is designed to recognize healthcare organizations across the continuum of care that provide clinical programs for wound management. To achieve this certification, Vibra Hospital of Denver voluntarily underwent a thorough onsite evaluation of its practices, programs, and outcomes.

The hospital’s CEO, Lamar McBride, shared that the Gold Seal signifies the pursuit of clinical excellence and the hospital’s commitment to upholding the highest quality and safety standards in its care for patients with complex wound healing issues. He highlighted that while many organizations offer wound care services, few undergo the program development and rigorous scrutiny required to achieve this distinction.

“Our team isn’t simply healing wounds; they’re profoundly changing lives,” stated McBride. “By providing a safe post-acute discharge option tailored to the needs of critically and chronically ill patients with wound healing issues, we not only help facilitate patient flow and bed availability in traditional hospitals but also ensure continuity of care, optimize outcomes, mitigate risks, and ultimately restore quality of life for our patients.”

McBride emphasized that given the unique needs of the hospital’s patient population—which includes individuals with compromised health statuses, prolonged immobility, traumatic injuries, and recent surgeries—wound care support is a critical component of treatment and a core specialty of the hospital.

As a critical care hospital, also known as a long-term acute care hospital (LTACH), Vibra Hospital of Denver specializes in providing comprehensive care for patients requiring extended hospitalization to recover from complex medical conditions. Last year alone, the hospital served over 375 patients facing a diverse range of serious health challenges, including respiratory failure, ventilator dependence, sepsis, traumatic injuries, multi-organ dysfunction, and severe wounds.

Vibra Hospital of Denver celebrates receiving The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Disease-Specific Wound Care Certification.
(From L-R: Lamar McBride, Sonia Robinson, Martha Ondrejko, Morgan Adamo, Christina Joder).

Christina Joder, RN, MSN, CNL, CCRN-K, the hospital’s chief clinical officer, highlighted the significance of the hospital’s services and expertise. She stressed that without access to specialized long-term wound care, patients can face substantial risks, including high susceptibility to infection and overall health deterioration. These challenges can result in recurrent hospital admissions, diminished quality of life, and potentially severe outcomes such as sepsis or the need for amputation.

“Our wound care team has extensive experience and immense knowledge,” said Joder. “But our program is not being recognized for a single procedure or person. It’s a testament to our collective expertise in navigating complex care needs. Our wound experts share their knowledge with everyone in the hospital, standardizing care and ensuring each patient receives the best opportunity for recovery.”

Sonia Robinson, RN, WCC, who serves as the lead director of the wound care program, emphasized the role of collaboration in this achievement. “It takes us all to be successful,” said Robinson. “Everything we do, every step of the patient’s care, matters. We work as a team with our physicians, nurses, therapists, dieticians, case management—the entire hospital team—to get the best possible results for our patients. We’re not just fixing a hole; we’re treating the whole patient.”

In addition to its latest certification, the hospital holds The Joint Commission’s Disease-Specific Respiratory Failure Certification and is accredited by The Joint Commission for hospital services. For more information about The Joint Commission or Disease-Specific Certification, please visit

About Vibra Hospital of Denver

Vibra Hospital of Denver is a critical care hospital located in Thornton, Colorado. The hospital is part of Vibra Healthcare’s nationwide network of specialty hospitals. Designed for patients in need of extended hospitalization periods, Vibra Hospital of Denver treats individuals with serious respiratory, cardiac, multi-system, neurological, infectious disease, and wound healing issues, among other medically complex conditions.