Tim Brown

Tim Brown is a diligent worker, not one to take time off from his auto glass company. One day, Tim felt so poorly he left work to return home. He slept for the next four days.

Realizing something was significantly wrong, Tim admitted to his local hospital. The doctors at the hospital diagnosed him with a staph infection that affected all his major organs. Tim’s heart was particularly impacted by the infection. This led Tim to Vibra Hospital of Denver for treatment of severe sepsis and aortic valve endocarditis.

Despite losing weight and having several blood transfusions, Tim refused to let obstacles get in his way. He worked hard with Vibra’s therapy team to regain his strength and independence. Having made great progress, Tim has nearly reached his goal of walking without the use of equipment. As he prepares to discharge home, Tim looks forward to doing additional therapy in his home pool.

Tim utilized two tactics to keep his spirits up. The first is to remain focused on his goal. The second is to have fun with the team at Vibra, keeping them on their toes. Though grateful for the time he’s spent at Vibra, Tim is happy to get back home to his wife.