Theodora Teddy Travers

Theodora “Teddy” Travers was “knocking on death’s door” when she first arrived at Vibra Hospital of Denver. She weighed only 90 pounds, had severe gastrointestinal issues, and couldn’t walk. Things didn’t look good, but both Teddy and the Vibra staff were determined for a positive outcome.

Vibra Hospital of Denver is a critical care hospital, a type of specialty hospital that treats patients suffering from critical and chronic medical issues who require an extended period of time in a hospital setting for their recovery. Teddy most certainly fit that description when she arrived.

Despite the odds, Teddy never gave up, and the hard work she put in alongside Vibra’s clinical team paid off. During her stay at Vibra, Teddy achieved significant milestones, including regaining her ability to walk. “It’s not perfect, and not exactly how I used to, but I was told I’d never walk again. So walking, even if just a little, is a major accomplishment,” Teddy said joyfully.

Having gotten to know the Vibra staff well, Teddy refers to “my angels” when speaking of those who most impacted her recovery: Alice, Heidi, and Randy (RNs), Bri and Jollyn (CNAs), Branden (PT), and Drs. Salinas and Massoti.

With a new perspective and greatly improved health, Teddy looks forward to restarting her life in the right direction as she prepares to return home. “I owe Vibra my life,” she stated.

“The entirety of the staff. They saved my life and helped give me a second chance at life!”

We’re so glad we could be part of Teddy’s success story and get her on the road back to better!