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Shauna Olmos celebrates her successful recovery at Vibra Hospital of Denver

Shauna Olmos

In early winter, Shauna Olmos suffered what she thought was just a regular fall backward. She didn’t think much of it. But over a short amount of time, Shauna developed a fever and had increasing knee pain.

Tim B.

Facing a severe infection affecting all his major organs, Tim chose Vibra Hospital of Denver to help him return home.

Ronnie Sorter

Wounds suffered in a car accident two years ago have caused ongoing issues for Ronnie Sorter. When they led him to Vibra Hospital of Denver, Ronnie found an advocate in Sonia, his wound nurse.

Steve W

Steve W. faced many challenges in his recovery after suffering multi-organ failure and septic shock. He came to Vibra to gain his strength and independence back.