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Lorrie Margolin

In the quiet halls of Vibra Hospital of Denver, Lorrie Margolin’s story unfolded with a determined spirit and the attentive care of clinical specialists. Facing the challenges of Guillain-Barre syndrome, profound loss marked Lorrie’s arrival at the critical care hospital—she couldn’t walk or talk and depended on a ventilator to breathe. Yet, from the outset, a dedicated team embarked on a mission to restore Lorrie’s mobility and independence.

Michael Lopez

By the time Michael Lopez admitted to Vibra Hospital of Denver, he had already been through one heck of a year. It began with a fall at home, where he remained for over twelve hours. With firefighter assistance, Michael made his way to a hospital in Colorado Springs, where he was diagnosed with heart failure, pulmonary embolisms, and acute renal failure.

Denise Michaels

Adult respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS for short, is a life-threatening diagnosis. Unfortunately, many people diagnosed with ARDS don’t survive. So when Denise Michaels admitted to Lutheran Hospital with a diagnosis of ARDS, she was in for the fight of her life.

Marie Anne Cristy Antivo

Marie put in the hard work with her therapy team to regain her strength and relearn how to take her of herself after recovering from COVID-19.

Richard R.

Richard R. inspired his wife and the Vibra staff with his perseverance. He arrived fatigued and suffered muscle weakness. He left a different man, confident to take on recovery from home.

Judy B

While continuing her recovery at Vibra, Judy B. received support from the staff and her husband. She worked hard at her recovery and progressed from a trach tube to only requiring a CPAP device to sleep at night.

Apolonia Gallegos

Family plays an important role in a patient’s recovery, and that was certainly true for Apolonia. Severely injured in a car accident, Apolonia came to Vibra Hospital of Denver unresponsive and on a trach.

Steve W

Steve W. faced many challenges in his recovery after suffering multi-organ failure and septic shock. He came to Vibra to gain his strength and independence back.