Steven W.

Steve, 63, has spent a lot of time in-and-out of hospitals recently. Acute respiratory failure, along with acute kidney injuries requiring hemodialysis, have taken their toll on him.

Steve admitted to Saint Anthony North Hospital with shortness of breath. He discharged home, but his respiratory issues led to a return. Upon readmission, the decision was made to transfer to Porter Hospital for aggressive vent management. There, Steve underwent weeks of continued treatment, but suffered multi-organ failure and septic shock, requiring a trach be placed.

After Steve became more stable he transferred to Vibra Hospital of Denver. At Vibra, the respiratory program weaned Steve’s oxygen down to 2 liters per minute. Steve had a feeding tube placed upon arrival, but it wouldn’t last long. The dietician, working in tandem with Steve’s nurses, helped him progress to solid foods again.

Steve’s extended hospital stays left him weak and barely able to walk. At Vibra, Steve worked hard with the therapy team to regain his strength. Now, he is up and about every day.

Steve offered great praise for the staff that helped him recover. Alan, one of his therapists, “is great and an excellent motivator.” Selly (RN) and Marissa (CNA) were “wonderful.” Steve even connected with a nurse who was born in the same small Illinois town that he is from.