Ronnie Sorter

A father of four sons, Ronnie Sorter is also an avid football and basketball fan. Ronnie worked as a truck driver for 17 years, traveling the country. That was, until he was in a serious motor vehicle accident two years ago. The accident left Ronnie a paraplegic, and with multiple wounds. Those wounds would cause ongoing issues for Ronnie, leading him to Vibra Hospital of Denver.

When Ronnie arrived at Vibra, he found an advocate in Sonia. Sonia works as a wound nurse at the long-term acute care hospital. During Ronnie’s stay, she followed his progress closely, checking on him daily to make sure he was doing well. Part of Ronnie’s recovery involved having flap surgery at a local hospital to cover one of his wounds. After a successful surgery, Ronnie returned to Vibra late one evening, with Sonia there waiting for him.

Given Ronnie’s wounds, he faced a high risk for infections that could lead to sepsis. The interdisciplinary care team at Vibra put together a specialized treatment plan for his surgical site. This plan helped minimize the risk of infection and kept Ronnie motivated to return home.

Another effect of Ronnie’s recent surgery was a requirement to remain in his bed. Despite that fact, Ronnie remained positive and focused on his recovery. Feeling good, Ronnie has expressed his appreciation for the staff at Vibra, who frequently stop in to keep his spirits up. Amazed at the quick response time when he has a need, Ronnie is grateful that everyone at Vibra makes him feel welcome and a part of their lives.