Richard R.

Donna knew her husband would be able to return home. And after months of hard work, Richard proved his wife right.

Respiratory failure brought Richard to Vibra Hospital of Denver. He arrived with a blood clot in his lung and required a ventilator to breathe for him. He couldn’t eat, experienced confusion, and was extremely weak. His medical history included partial lung paralysis. But despite all this, Donna believed in him.

Upon arrival, Richard’s extreme fatigue and muscle weakness prevented him from even sitting at the edge of his bed himself. Just to move in bed, he required the assistance of two people. Multiple medical complications inhibited his ability to wean from the ventilator.

But with Donna supporting him, Richard began to stabilize. And under the care of Vibra’s interdisciplinary care team, Richard made great progress.

Once respiratory therapy converted his ventilator to a portable model, Richard began walking the hallways. At first, he could only walk ten feet before needing to rest. But he persisted and his cardiopulmonary system regained its strength.

Four months later, their dreams materialized as Richard prepared to discharge home with Donna. The staff began training Richard and Donna on use of the portable ventilator. They made adaptations to their home and arrangements for Richard to have care 24/7.

Finally, Richard returned home.

From all of us at Vibra Hospital of Denver, we wish Richard, Donna, and their family great success and happiness. We are honored to have been a part of his healing and growth.