Working his way through Colorado State University, Nash wound up taking an unexpected detour. When he fell from a third-floor balcony, Nash suffered multiple trauma injuries. His injuries included a brain injury and a cervical spine fracture. Due to the severity of his injuries, Nash spent 12 weeks in a C-Collar.

Nash also required an extended hospital stay, bringing him to Vibra Hospital of Denver. When he arrived at Vibra, Nash had significant neurological deficits. But he would make vast improvement during his time at the long-term acute care hospital.

One of the goals for Nash’s therapy was to improve his range of motion. Though progress was slow at first, the therapy department worked with Nash on his tolerance and endurance. Over time, Nash progressed to walking the hallways with the help of a pilot walker.

Ready for the next step in his recovery, Nash transferred to a specialty hospital. There he would continue rehabilitating his brain and spinal cord injuries. Nash excelled there, as well, returning home and resuming his college education.

Nash recently stopped by Vibra with his family. They wanted to let the staff know how much they appreciated their role in his recovery, and that they will never forget the care that helped Nash get back to living his life.