Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens came to Vibra Hospital of Denver after a serious motor vehicle accident. In the accident, Michael suffered major facial injuries and a crushed trachea. Recovery would be a challenge, but Michael and the staff at Vibra were ready to get him back on his feet again.

When Michael arrived, he required maximum assistance with standing. But today, thanks to his hard work, Michael requires hardly any help at all. He even requested to stand for his photo with the staff.

The gains Michael made in therapy were incredible. According to Juan, one of his therapists, Michael was only walking ten feet during his first session. Today, he can walk over 500 feet.

But his progress wasn’t limited to walking. Michael refused to let his crushed trachea become an issue. Through hard work, Michael has graduated back to eating solid foods.

Support also played a key role in Michael’s recovery. When his grandson visited for the first time, Michael was ecstatic. He also received encouragement and support from the hospital staff, whom Michael calls “the greatest people in the world.”

Michael continues to be a champion to his grandson, and is diligently working to get home before they celebrate his birthday.