Michael Lopez

By the time Michael Lopez admitted to Vibra Hospital of Denver, he had already been through one heck of a year. It began with a fall at home, where he remained for over twelve hours. With firefighter assistance, Michael made his way to a hospital in Colorado Springs, where he was diagnosed with heart failure, pulmonary embolisms, and acute renal failure. Once stabilized the following month, Michael discharged home to Longmont with his family.

Nine months later, Michael noticed he wasn’t doing well. His wounds were changing, and he experienced worsening symptoms of feeling poorly. Michael went to see his doctor, who advised him to visit the emergency room at Longs Peak Hospital. Michael had toxically high levels of carbon dioxide, requiring a stay in the ICU.

A month later, Michael made his way to Vibra, a critical care hospital. When he arrived, Michael faced substantial challenges. He could not roll over in bed without total assistance and required high levels of oxygen. Through intensive therapies, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, and with close medical monitoring, Michael made significant progress in his recovery. Able to ambulate without a device and independent with his activities of daily living, Michael returned home with his family and put the past year’s issues in his rearview mirror.