Marie Anne Cristy Antivo

Marie Anne Cristy Antivo arrived at Vibra Hospital of Denver with a complex history after suffering respiratory failure related to COVID-19 pneumonitis. Over the course of a year, Marie overcame numerous obstacles and setbacks, but her determination and spirit never wavered.

At Vibra, Marie weaned off the ventilator despite the challenges she faced. Due to significant tracheobronchomalacia – a rare condition where the walls of the airway are weak – Marie required a lifelong tracheostomy. She also needed numerous medical interventions including multiple surgeries, hemodialysis, and a PEG tube to assist with her nutrition and antibiotics.

To regain her strength and relearn how to care for herself, Marie put in hard work with her therapy team. Throughout her time at Vibra, the staff grew very close with her. Having made great progress, the day finally came for Marie to return home. That day, the halls of Vibra filled with staff cheering her on as she made her journey home.

Thank you, Marie, for allowing us to take care of you! We wish you nothing but the best!