As a former CNA, Lilian understands the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic. But when she tested positive for the virus, she experienced it first-hand. Lilian’s condition was life-threatening.

Confused and facing a long road to recovery, Lilian came to Vibra Hospital of Denver. She arrived on eight liters of oxygen, extremely weak, and unable to walk more than five feet. This made Lilian a high fall risk. Her therapist educated Lilian on using the call light rather than moving in her room alone. But she was so confused, she couldn’t remember the instructions.

Lilian’s goal was to return home with her family. She worked diligently with the nursing staff and therapists to regain her health and function.

That hard work paid off.

Now, Lilian only needs two liters of oxygen. She can walk 500 feet without assistance from staff and has seen cognitive improvement. Lilian has progressed to the next stage of her recovery at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver. There, she will continue to work towards her goal of returning home.