Judy B.

On her way home from shopping with her husband, Judy’s life changed dramatically. Judy suffered a spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage, or bleeding inside the skull, resulting in respiratory failure. Judy admitted to a local hospital, where surgery was performed. Unable to breathe on her own, Judy was placed on a ventilator.

To wean from the ventilator, Judy transferred to Vibra Hospital of Denver. Judy’s doctors recommended Vibra because of their stellar respiratory therapy outcomes. During her stay at Vibra, Judy progressed from having a tracheostomy tube to only requiring a CPAP device to sleep at night.

In addition to the respiratory therapists, Judy’s husband has been instrumental in her recovery. He’s worked hard to support Judy throughout her stay. Their goal is for Judy to return to their home in western Colorado, closer to their family. He speaks very highly of the staff at Vibra, grateful for the attention provided to both Judy and himself. In particular, he wished to recognize Martha, a CNA at Vibra. “She makes you feel at home, and she loves her job. She is always bubbly,” he said.

Even though he has a long drive to come visit Judy, he doesn’t mind. The care Judy has been getting, he notes, makes it worthwhile.