Francisco arrived at a local emergency room experiencing chest pain. He was having a heart attack. Doctors performed emergency heart surgery to save Francisco’s life. But during the surgery, he also suffered a stroke.

Soon, Francisco transferred to Vibra Hospital of Denver. At Vibra, Francisco’s staff noticed his surgical incision had become infected. They began a course of antibiotics to fight the infection. On top of it all, Francisco began to have difficulty walking and experienced intense pain in therapy sessions. Diagnostic testing revealed Francisco had intermittent claudication.

Intermittent claudication is pain occurring in the knee or calf during exercise and relieved with resting. This left Francisco unable to walk, stand, or perform exercises without extreme help from the staff.

But neither Francisco nor the Vibra staff were willing to give in. With a plan of action in place, Francisco worked hard with the team supporting him. He began to make great progress toward his ultimate goal of returning home.

It’s a goal Francisco soon achieved.

As he prepared to discharge from Vibra, Francisco’s improvement was obvious. He could now walk 200 feet and climb up-and-down stairs. Despite many medical complications, Francisco and the medical staff at Vibra remained persistent. As a result, Francisco is returning home to his family.